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Cherry Ghost – Mathematics

5 Jan 2012 – Buy it Here

Cherry Ghost Beneath This Burning Shoreline Marc Riley BBC6 Tonight in session we’ve got Bolton’s finest Cherry Ghost accompanied by Christian Madden of The Earlies in session.

We can’t go too long on this show without our Earlies fix.


Wire – Map Ref. 41°N 93°W

21 Nov 2011 – Buy it Here

Wire on Marc RIley - Map Ref. 41°N 93°W

It’s a welcome return tonight for Wire .. the original punk rockers live in session.

Wire formed in London in 1976 the group’s members disbanded in 1980, reformed in 1985, disbanded in 1992 and reformed for the second time in 2000 – feel dizzy now!!!

Musically and lyrically, repetition, abbreviation, tempo and acceleration have become a constant in Wire’s career-long processes of self-reinvention. ‘Monophonic and monorhythmic’- to quote their own description of their epic track, Drill released in 1986.

The current album Red Barked Tree was recorded in London during 2010.

The band are Colin Newman Vox & Guitar, Graham Lewis Bass & Vox, Robert Grey Drums and Matt Simms Guitar.

Jim Jones Revue – Ain’t My Problem Baby

19 Oct 2011 – Buy it Here

Jim Jones Revue on Marc Riley - Ain't My Problem Baby

From the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions project Jim Jones Revue on Marc Riley – Ain’t My Problem Baby.

Riley favourites …The Mighty Jim Jones Revue on the show tonight … hope you’ve got your ear plugs!!! The bnad are Jim Jones, Rupert Orton, Gavin Jay, Nick Jones and Henri Herbert.

The guys have had a tremendous year, up for numerous awards, amazing gigs and to top it all a live appearance on The David Letterman Show …. sorry i’ll amend that …topped off with an appearance on Marc Riley’s 6 Music Show tonight.

They formed in London in 2007 after Jim had left his other band Thee Hypnotics and recorded their first eponymous album in a mere 24 hours punk rock lives in these guys.

Bo Ningen – Koroshitai Kimochi

10 Oct 2011 – Buy it Here

Bo Ningen - Koroshitai Kimochi Marc Riley

They’ve travelled far and wide (well from London) but they have finally landed in the studio, welcome Bo Ningen‘s debut Riley session!

Originally from Japan, Taigen, Kohhei, Yuki and Monchan make up the London based noise makers that are Bo Ningen. They have been described as a 1970s version of what a 2010s rock band would be, with extra psychedelic vibes and guitar riffs loud enough to knock you off your platforms. They describe themselves as enlightenment activists from the Far East psychedelic underground. Signed to Stolen Records the four piece are about to release their self-titled debut in November and are busy touring the UK and Europe with Riley favourites S.C.U.M.

It is going to get loud and a little freaky in the studio tonight, typical night at 6Music then.

White Denim – Bess St./Shake Shake Shake/River To Consider

31 Aug 2011 – Buy It Here

White Denim - Bess St./Shake Shake Shake/River To Consider Marc Riley

tUnE-YarDs – Gangsta & Bizness

9th June 2011 – Buy it Here

Hailing from the sunny shores of New England its Tune-Yards live from that there London.

Busy touring far and wide, and with new album Whokill released in April 2011, Tune-Yards is the stage name for Merrill Garbus the brains behind this beautiful and bizarre mix of lo-fi, soul, experimental, R&B, noise that we are so happy to have back in session.

Music that can get the most reluctant dancer tapping their feet and bobbing their head.

Dutch Uncles- Dressage, X O, Dolli & The Ink

06th June 2011 – buy it here

Marple men Dutch Uncles make a much needed return to studio 6 for the first time this year.

The indie/mathy (self proclaimed) pretentious pop that Duncan, Robin, Daniel, Peter and Andy produce is lovingly presented in the bands UK debut Cadenza on Memphis Industries.

Seems like it’s going to be a packed year for these Riley favourites busy touring and playing far and wide, but for tonight they are playing in session for you!

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